Intuition cannot be thought!

Karin Jungmann

Karin Jungmann
Interpersonal Development &
Organizational Culture Consultancy


Developing organizations. Giving people meaning.

I advise and accompany people, teams and organizations in overcoming their ongoing challenges in HR management and in the different phases of their development. This can involve organizational development, management and corporate culture, accompanying cultural change and the further development of employees and teams. My focus is always on the level of the individual people in interaction with the entire organization.

As an external manager I bring a fresh and unbound view of your HR issues – naturally only when concrete needs crystallize, this especially for small and medium-sized companies in which operational changes take place or are imminent,. My actions are solidly underpinned by many years of extensive experience in the global economy, combined with a rich and intense life at home and abroad.

Do you recognize your everyday business life?
You can find examples of everyday HR situations and my approach in the FAQ or in the program overview.

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My five years of life in Laos (SE-Asia) have made my view even more multifaceted – the meaningful interplay of heart, brain and intuition became my own guiding culture for a worthwhile life.

Our complex world requires an employee-oriented relationship and organizational culture that positively influences the creativity and commitment of our employees and secures your long-term and sustainable success. I would be pleased to offer you a long-term, confidential and professional cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Absam, January 2018