Life – how it grows

The paths I have taken in my life so far, the many crossroads, where I was often confused and did not know which direction to go in, and the detours that threw me back – everything finally led me to where I am today: grown, developed and happy!

Some of the most significant moments in my life where I acquired, deepened and developed important skills can be found here. And the path continues! I am looking forward to using this knowledge and experience in my work through my programs. I am looking forward to the next steps in my development!

These experiences have also broadened, shifted and sharpened – in short – changed my glossary. Words open entire worlds – for everyone slightly a different one.

[2017] I’m starting my own company

Why not go further on courageous paths? Paths full of new surprises, possibilities and encounters, paths of development? I say yes and do it! It feels good, there is a lot to do and it makes me happy!

[2016] We come back to Austria

How familiar and strange at the same time your home country can feel after five years! Here we have to give up many Laotian habits again. We miss the blood-red sunset, the beloved people and the Laotian women in their plush slippers on the motorcycle. But we are looking forward to so much in Austria. It is not yet clear how paths continue.

[2014] A new relationship – we become a family

A small human being comes to us and our perseverance and patience is rewarded with the richest gift. Oh, how overstrained we are at first, but boundlessly happy. Many people didn’t believe it would ever happen. We trust in heart & mind & intuition!

[2011] Living in Southeast Asia

We have a heart’s desire – the foundation of our own small family. We follow our hearts and together we take courageous paths to absolute insecurity. Our international adoption takes us to Laos. Daily and for a long time we live in an alternating bath of emotions. At the same time, life gives us countless moments of happiness – we continue to believe in our wishes and we trust. The smile of the people in Laos helps us to do this!

[2011] A relationship with heart

To the equinox we celebrate our ‘high time’ (wedding). With my husband, I re-experience the richness of a relationship. We are happy because we are on our way!

[1986-2011] A period of success and development, of failure and experience

This time is a rich time with countless new experiences. I am successful as a woman in a male-dominated business world, as a young manager, as a chimney climber from employee to manager, in Austria and in exchange with international countries. I also experience phases of disappointment and failure and recognize their value and significance for my development.

[1986] From the village to metropolis

J’ ai eu moi aussi dix-sept ans… – Claude Francois accompanies me through Paris and shows me a little bit of foreign world. Together with my friends, many from foreign countries, we experience a pulsating city. The time in Paris strengthened my self-confidence, my perseverance and assertiveness and my ability to deal with insecurity.

[1967] I am born into a precious family

The forest behind our house is my playground. Here I stay for hours, observing, exploring and enjoying. When I’m not in the woods, I am on my swing singing or I hammer a small wooden chair with my father’s carpentry tool. My childhood in a small village in East Tyrol strengthened basic values: I am grounded, helpful, honest and conscientious.