Glossary – what it means to me

In my homepage you will find again and again terms which can be understood differently by the readers. I would like to outline my very personal understanding of various terms that return time and again, both in my private life and in my work program, because they represent an essential role in my whole world.

Intuition is for me the inner voice, which spontaneously helps to arrive at a good decision without understanding all the underlying contexts. We feel the intuition when we feel an inner YES! When we were born, we had our full intuition. Intuition is therefore superior to the mind, because it is boundless. Intuition implies trying to break new ground in uncertainty and taking the risk of failing. Intuition needs self-responsibility!”

For me, a complex system is made up of an unmanageable number of elements that interact with each other in dynamic, extensive, complex and non-linear interactions. We ourselves must become part of the complexity, enter into it, embrace it, in order to be able to recognize the fullness of its possibilities.”

For me, organizational culture is the interaction of shared values, norms and beliefs of members in a system. Organizational culture does not exist from the outset, it is created because there are people who live together. Organizational culture does not always remain the same, but changes because the behaviours and interaction of people in a system change.”

“To me, heart and mind belong together like day and night. Without night there is no day and therefore no life. Combined with intuition, this results in an uncanny human potential and an uncanny inner security. Heart Brain Intuition.”

For me, leadership is a relationship process in which two or more people act respectfully on an equal footing with each other. Leadership means relating to each other, leadership implies something connecting. Leadership requires a good understanding of other people’s behaviour. Leadership requires a high degree of attention and awareness in the here and now!”

For me, development is a lifelong process that guides me through the changes in my experience and behaviour. By developing all the layers, it finally brings me to myself.”

“Experience is for me an artistic mosaic of the individual parts of what I have learned and witnessed.”

“To me, knowledge comes from the mind. We come into the world empty, i. e. without knowledge and acquire knowledge over the years of our lives. Our knowledge is as great as we are old and how much we have acquired knowledge. Knowledge is therefore always limited ”

When I talk about failure, I always think directly of the fascinating world of art. Art in all its forms probably teaches us best how much productivity lies in failure and that failure is simply part of a living life. Failure means reaching its limits, it is a borderline experience, because we do not know what happens after the deep fall. It is precisely this process that makes failure so valuable. The fruit of failure is development!”

Link to my final coaching thesis about Failure (German)