Development Format – Career

Try something new and allow yourself to fail! Feel inside yourself, be curious, be creative, be courageous, swim against the current, cross borders, grow beyond yourself – Heart & Brain & Intuition.

It is no longer a matter that once you have made a choice, you will continue to pursue your chosen profession for a lifetime. On the contrary! The environment is changing rapidly, new professions are emerging and familiar professions are losing their significance. For many people this leads to discomfort, fears, irritations and many questions.

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Where do I belong, what do I enjoy, what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Why not have the courage to try something completely new and trust that everything will be all right?

With the Career development format, I support employees and managers within the framework of company development measures so that they can get more clarity and orientation about future career paths in or outside the organization and take concrete steps towards professional and personal development. This competency-oriented development format integrates future, past and current professional and general conditions as well as perspectives. This format is based on five development modules that build on each other.