Development Format – Personality and Competencies

Do you see the full potential of your employees? It leads to top performance! Trust, let do, support, give space – Heart & Brain & Intuition.

Many people have more and more lost access to themselves in our dynamic and fast-paced world. Decisions about the profession are often made very pragmatically, by focusing on the opportunities in the market or one’s environment.

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This approach often contradicts the personality structure and skills of one’s own personality. From a personal and entrepreneurial point of view, however, it is important to fill positions with people who have the necessary skills, because only employees who are happy to do their job can perform well, develop their potential, move things, develop and make a good contribution to the company.

In my consulting services, I support employees in organizations to take a closer look at their personality, their behaviour and the ways in which they interact with their professional environment, as well as their personal strengths and work-related competencies, and to identify potential and deduce areas of development from this.

In this development format, I use the Workplace Big FiveTM Personality Profile (WPB5TM). This is an instrument for potential diagnosis that is explicitly tailored to the workplace. With a minimum of time, this creates a basis for a coaching session in which employees can reflect on themselves. The coaching is resource-oriented and focuses on the personality and skills of the people.