Statements – what customers and colleagues say

For many years I have had the pleasure of working with great, interesting and very different people in my network – sharing and collecting experiences together with them. Their valuable feedback, their view from the outside at me and the world, has always helped me to develop further. Through their eyes you will get a glimpse into my world.

My world through my eyes and my most crucial moments can be found in the next chapter – life.

…very proactive and highly respected in my team and myself…

“Karin Jungmann has been a highly professional HR Manager, very proactive and highly respected in my team and myself. She has been in charge of all HR questions for the Elements Business at Swarovski, which I have been in charge of as a Senior VP Marketing at a time. She has been a true business partner to our business unit and I can highly recommend her.”

Markus D. Lampe

…I appreciated how you conquered the team…

“I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you did with our team – it was a pleasant, fruitful and insightful exercise. I really appreciated how you conquered the team by explaining the bigger picture of HR management and development, by being patient, intuitive and not least by your smile. Your professional seniority came with the right level of authority over our manager and the team as a whole. Well done, really!”

Ana Felício
Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

…with a lot of humor and charm and unique capacity for empathy…

“Cheerful, avid, creative, sensitive, target-oriented and well-organized are the adjectives that come to mind when I think about Karin. I had the pleasure of being coached by her when I was searching for new opportunities and professional advancement. For me as an expat living in Laos, the coaching was a unique opportunity to obtain qualified advice in a foreign, often challenging environment. Karin created a holistic positioning on a professional and personal level for me. The way she performed was very clear and enjoyable. Her positive attitude and the respect I felt during the session gave me security and confirmation in my career plans. I highly recommend her as an inspiring coach with a lot of humor and charm and unique capacity for empathy.”

Karina Vitelli
Education Consultant and Trainer

…außerordentlich gründlich, sehr kreativ…

“Die einzelnen Aufgaben möchte ich im Kommentar durch eine Reihe von Superlativen beurteilen. Sie arbeiten außerordentlich gründlich, sehr kreativ, weisen sehr sichere Kenntnisse zur Thematik nach, erarbeiten Arbeitsblätter und Trainingseinheiten sehr engagiert, kurz: Ausgezeichnet!”

Lutz H. Richter
Goethe Institut

…Exzellent! Ich bin von Ihrer Idee und der Ausführung begeistert…

“Exzellent! Ich bin von Ihrer Idee und der Ausführung begeistert! Sie haben gezeigt, dass Sie die methodischen Grundlagen eines handlungsorientierten Trainings verstanden haben und exzellent in die Praxis überführen können. Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihren TeilnehmerInnen Freude an den zukünftigen Trainings. Ich bin weltweit in der Lehrerfortbildung tätig und hätte gerne Ihr Einverständnis, dass ich Ihre Materialien unter Angabe Ihres Namens in Seminaren zur Fortbildung einsetzen darf.”

Evelyn Farkas
Goethe Institut

…I link its success directly to the insights I gained in the session…

“I requested a coaching session with Karin before a new phase in my career started – and I link its success directly to the insights I gained in the session. These insights included appreciating in what kinds of teams and circumstances I thrive and perform well, which resulted in a better understanding of what kinds of jobs I should be applying for. The session also gave me the ability to embrace my own style of working and leading, without having to second-guess my decisions. This also led to the recognition that some of my abilities and skills are directly linked to character traits that are here to stay with me – thus, trying to change them would be counter-productive. This in turn freed up more energy for creativity and keeping up with changes and innovations in my field of expertise, daring to explore new approaches and feeling empowered to assertively recommend and apply these changes in approach that benefit the whole organization I work for.”

Ildikó Hámos-Sohlo
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

…a great person even before being an excellent professional…

“Karin is a great person even before being an excellent professional. I had the privilege to work with her while coordinating HR in Europe. At this time, I met a skillful and passionate HR, dedicated to her function. Karin has always shown a participative and innovative team spirit and I strongly recommend her for any local or international HR team.”

David Avenel
Ferrero International

…demonstrates consistency between words and actions…

“Karin is a highly engaged and passionate HR Business Partner with broad functional expertise and outstanding personality. She gains the confidence and trust of others showing integer and ethical behavior. She treats people fairly and demonstrates consistency between words and actions. In a very demanding and challenging business environment Karin was always acting in the best interest of her internal customers and was a respected expert and trusted advisor. With her creative and results oriented working style she strongly supported business decision makers. It was a great pleasure and privilege to work with Karin and I can highly recommend her.”

Hans-Peter Marmsoler