FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In my many years of work experience, I have repeatedly come across similar topics that challenge companies. Frequent situations from your daily HR routine can be found here. Read here a summary and my solution and development approaches. Further details can be found in the program overview. Or would you like to know more about my qualifications at first?

YOUR SITUATION – Employee onboarding

A new employee starts in our company. Hardly anyone really has time to introduce him into the company. The new employee will be left to his own efforts.

“New hires need security through structure, orientation and gradual introduction. If this is not the case, it can easily lead to excessive demands and frustration. I’m working with you on an onboarding program tailored to your company and on measures to support a successful employee onboarding.”

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Employees in our company are not aware of their area of responsibility.

“Ambiguity always leads to uncertainty and blockade. I work together with your executives on clearly defined job descriptions for the individual positions. By dealing with the concrete tasks and the written formulations, even the managers become aware of ambiguities, delimitations and overlaps in competence and the employees get clarity about their expectations.”

see also Interim-HR-Management

YOUR SITUATION – Conflict solving

The team spirit (in a team in our company) is bad.

“The atmosphere in a team is often the result of the prevailing communication culture in the team. Non-communication is also a form of communication. I work with the respective team in your company to improve their communication culture, mutual understanding and constructive cooperation. This requires openness to self-reflection and external reflection from all team members.”

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We have a very specific conflict between two (or more) employees in our company.

“Conflicts between people occur everywhere and often. The consequences are job dissatisfaction, unproductivity and even the loss of a job. Conflicts are usually treated quickly and on the surface: only the symptoms are removed, but not the causes. I accompany a concrete conflict topic on the basis of a holistic conflict analysis, which is supposed to transform a disturbing conflict into something constructive.”

We often have issues with conflicts of interest. If we sit together at the table together, nothing will come out except that everyone is just teasing each other.

“As an external facilitator in a group with different interests, I create an environment that encourages mutual understanding and facilitates a constructive culture of communication.”

YOUR SITUATION – People Management

An employee in our company is promoted to a leading position in the team. It's the first time in a leading role.

“This is about so-called ‘chimney climbers’, a very common phenomenon in companies. Former colleague, now supervisor. Many new managers are overburdened by this new role and do not receive any support. I accompany your new managers on their way to a secure leadership role through individual leadership coaching or special leadership training.”

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In our company we do not move in the same direction. There is little interaction and exchange in the management team.

“Leadership requires intensive relationship work and much reflection. I work with your executives in tailor-made leadership trainings to achieve a common understanding of leadership and strengthen them as a leader-team and individually in group or individual coaching sessions so that they are up to the special challenges of today’s world.”

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YOUR SITUATION – Fluctuation

The fluctuation in our company is high (increasing).

“Employees rarely leave the company, but rather their manager, because employees need respectful interaction and regular good feedback. I develop a feedback process tailored to your company in the form of a dialogue and accompany your executives in the sustainable implementation. As a neutral person, I conduct exit interviews with employees leaving your company in order to determine the reasons for leaving and suggest measures.”

see also Development Format Leadership

An employee resigned, we have to find a new employee quickly and at short notice.

“In most cases, things like this happen when you don’t need it at all and you have no time. I support you in the search and selection of new employees. A strong focus is placed on the personality of the new employee, so that the vacant position is well filled and the organizational culture is positively supported.”

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YOUR SITUATION – Employee assignment

An employee comes back after a 3-year assignment abroad. We don't have a job opening for him.

“A posting abroad does not end with the work abroad, but with a positive return and reintegration into the company in the home country. This step is often not planned and organized and often hits employees hard. I support you in successfully reintegrating your experienced employees and making the valuable know-how available to the company.”

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We're sending an employee abroad. There is too little time to plan and organize the process well.

“A posting abroad is often a burdensome and stressfull situation for the person concerned, in the preparation but even more once the employee and often the entire family are then abroad. I accompany your delegated employees through regular coaching sessions in order to make the process positive and productive for them and your company.”

see also Development Format Ex-/Impatriates

YOUR SITUATION – Management of changes

Our environment is so complex and there are so many changes. Our employees are so overburdened that it is difficult for them to deal with the complexity and changes.

“Changes always have to do with uncertainty and fears. People are not fundamentally opposed to change, but they rather find it difficult to deal with the conditions under which change takes place. It requires a lot of transparency, good communication and measures that also support the development of employees in the sense of a learning organization. I accompany and work with you in change processes, in the development of learning situations in your company and in recording the development potential of your employees.”

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