Development Format – Leadership

We need courageous managers like you! Arouse curiosity, build trust, allow mistakes, participation, value orientation, meaningfulness, eye contact, mindfulness, agility – Heart & Brain & Intuition.

The global field of activity of organizations confronts executives today with completely new and very complex challenges. Dealing with virtual teams, mobile and intercultural employees as well as with a constantly changing environment requires the highest level of management skills, above all social competency and emotional intelligence (intuition).

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Strengthening managers with coherent leadership approaches and supporting them in reflecting on leadership behavior are the focus of a continuous and sustainable development process.

Managers go through a modular development path. Starting from the individual view of their own personality structure and competencies and the accompanying self-reflection, the managers work together in a development workshop on the challenges of today’s leadership reality. Through their own experience and understanding of leadership, they approach a common understanding of leadership that is to be lived in their own leadership practice. Follow-up workshop discussions should support the implementation in practice and offer additional space for joint reflection and strengthening.